Date: 21/06/2016 

Link between poverty and lack of freedom

The importance of freedom is so crucial that it is embedded in the human being. Just to see at how society chooses to punish for crimes and faults by taking freedom away from the individual.

So historically, freedom has been considered as the highest and most valuable of the things that a person can have for himself.

It is so important, that it is needed to review and understand the strong relationship between freedom and wealth, or if we want to see it from another viewpoint, the relationship between lack of freedom and poverty.

Curiously, when a country enters a political system, which takes out freedom in a short time … actually very fast, here comes poverty.

We all have examples around us - not only in those countries, which have strictly controlled economies, or those under dictatorship. Are we maybe forgetting, and we shouldn’t, that when strong economies start restricting freedom, they start losing the economic muscle… until poverty, which was not thought to exist there before, really enters the game.

I will not mention any countries… we all know in which state freedom is in each one of them… and it is very easy to get financial data, economic indicators to establish this relationship. So, I invite you to do this exercise yourself. Do not believe all what you read. Use your own “filter” for measurable criteria and make your own conclusions.


Thus, does freedom bring wealth?

Certainly, yes. Of course, we are speaking about real wealth that is fairly distributed. We are not referring here to the accumulation of wealth in some few powerful hands.

In a free environment, people, goods, and services can move. Talent is developed without restrictions; no government takes your property, or efforts. Business and commerce are possible to be done in a fair way self-controlled by natural laws. Life and societies become balanced. Everything works properly.

Abuse cannot happen where there is freedom. Because there is no possible freedom without having natural justice. Where there is natural justice, there is sustainable freedom.


Do you want to be rich?

Then ensure first that you are free. And after… just be you. And… oh! What a surprise!

Where is the so widely broadcast lack of goods and resources? It simply disappeared… because there has never been one. It is just an infinite lie repeated in the hope to make it penetrate the mind of people. It is, as many others, a control system.

But reality is not like that. There is more than enough wealth for everyone within reach. The real lack is lack of freedom. No more, no less.

Welcome to wealth.


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